Memorial Garden

The Winter Haven Resort Memorial Garden is designed so anyone can spend some time in the quiet of the pergola. There is soft music playing during the day, enjoy the flowers and the company of our little man and woman. Maybe take a book to read, or some other activity.
One of the last projects will be a cactus garden. We feel that a selection of native plants will be a good addition to the Memorial Garden.

Part of the Memorial Garden is the display of bricks that have been purchased by residents of the Resort.  Some purchased a brick as a remembrance of a loved one, others have had the brick engraved with their name so they will be remembered.
The final project for the garden will be to move the Memorial Board from inside the Clubhouse to the outside by the pergola.  We are still researching the kind of cover that should be used so that the plaques will be preserved and not destroyed by the sun.

Other Activities

We have two books that contain the history of Winter Haven Resort. They were published in conjunction with our anniversary parties in 2009 and 2014. We are still collecting historical information and appreciate all contributions. Remember we make history everyday if we don’t preserve it we lose it.