Memorial Garden

The Winter Haven Memorial Garden, which was conceived in early 2013 by the Historical and Memorial Committee, is designed so anyone can spend some time in the quiet of the pergola.  There is soft music playing during the day, enjoy the flowers and the company of our little elderly man and woman.  Maybe take a book to read or just to sit and contemplate.

Under the pergola and radiating from the stone ball fountain, which sits in front of the pergola are interlocking brick areas, which form a cross.  Bricks which were purchased by residents are included in these areas to mark the passing of a loved one or to just commemorate an occasion.  More of these memorial bricks have been laid alongside the Resaca.

The Memorial Board was replaced with a new one and all the tags on it were reset, which commemorate those residents who have passed over the years and updated each year.  This can be found on the wall in the clubhouse, as one enters or leaves via the west door, facing the tennis court.

The cactus garden was added, starting in late November 2017, between the pergola and the Resaca.  Various cacti were chosen and they grow from a stone groundcover.  A rope fence was installed in 2021 to separate the cactus garden from the Resaca.

Each year in January, we hold a memorial service to commemorate those residents and long-time renters, who passed on in the previous year.

Perpetual care of the Memory Garden is maintained by members of the Memorial Committee, with funding only from donations.

Other Activities

As we are the Historical and Memorial Committee, we have two books which contain the history of Winter Haven Resort.  They were published in conjunction with our anniversary parties, in 2009 (25th) and 2014 (30th).  We are still collecting historical information, photographs and memorabilia for our 40th anniversary in 2024 and we appreciate any and all contributions.  Remember we make history every day and if we don’t preserve it we will lose it.